Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Sailor Wannabe

I've been MIA due to the fact that I lost all me future picture posts because I lost my SD card:( and revision for mocks! Which is preventing me from sleeping like a normal human being, I seem to think I'm a superwoman who can survive with 4 hours sleep a night! Which I am not (funnily enough), so its currently 12:47am and I am so knackered, but I decided to update you guys first with a quick outfit of the day from 3 weeks ago? Maybe more..
Oh and i need to wake up in 3 hours to revise seeing as i've procrastinated all night - and didn't anything! So inorder to make up for it and revise for my mock 5 hours before it begins! Oh and I saw breaking dawn today! It was Sooo good honestly it's not even as though I'm a huge twilight fan, but this one was honestly so good! And who else just wants to marry Seth, he's such a sweetie:') Hahaha.
Anyways after my huge ramble about absolutely nothing - enjoy!:)

 Top - new look
Skirt - H&M
Belt - Primark
Cardigan - Forever 21 

Jess xo.

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