Saturday, 19 May 2012


Playing dress up while I was home alone with nothing better to do!

Blazer and Sandals - Featured in past haul here
Skirt - Internaccionale (Kid section hahaa - if you're a size 8-10 these will fit you! age 14-15)
Top - Primark mens section (cut up into a vest tee)


Friday, 18 May 2012

Primark Haul

Hey guyss!
So yesterday after my RS exam - which i completely and utterly screwed up in...I literally sat there and kept saying 'Jesus told us to 'love thy neighbour.' Yeahh, that was my exam answers..Hey ho! I went down town to treat myself after not buying clothes for the last month or so, and i went in primark after not being there for agesss! And my face was just like ohhh, i need..everything! haha, but I didn't buy too much, I only bought 5 items so it wasn't too bad:)

 Anyways, first off - Shoes!

I've been eyeing these mint pumps up for a while and for some reason I never picked them up when i saw them! I Just kept thinking, nah I dont need these shoes! But then after not going shopping for a month - I was beginning to have withdrawal symptons! I decided might aswell pick them up now, I'm not going to be shopping for a while due to exams! But yeah these were £4 - Cheap as chips:)

 I was looking through the sandal rails and I found these from £6 reduced to only £3! So i had to pick them up, because I was really in the need for some new sandals, for the coming summer.

 Then I went into the sale rack and saw this dress on sale for £3, I was having doubts because it was a size smaller than what I am, so I decided to try it on and it fit! Except it is reallly long, it reaches just over my knees, and being 5'1 theres not much height of me! So I've got to do some stitching.

 Also in the sale rack this top caught my eye and I just thought its extremely pretty! I need it - so i picked it up and it was only £3 I was like this was meant to be! Hahaha, anyways when I got home, it fit me pretty well, but the only thing is - it's a little small around my  bust im going down town later to exchange the size for a size up!

 Last but not least my mint blazer that I've seen around youtube a lot! And I just thought - yup I need this in my wardrobe. For a blazer it was decently priced at only £15.
Primark never fails to give me pleasure:)
Anyways that's all for now, I've been playing dress-up today so I'll most likely be posting ootd pictures up within the next couple of days
Have a great day! xo

Monday, 14 May 2012


A couple of pictures from my trusted iphone! Thought I might update you all through my pictures:) 
My chubby cheeks and ginger hurr
Pops in Bahams haha!
Mummy's Birthday cake from all us munchkins!

My siblings, two cousins and my Grandma at a wedding not too long ago.
Revision food haha
Playing on mumma's iphone 4s
First time at Wagamama's - I wouldn't recommend it didnt really enjoy any of it.
Emilys first time at Nandos, She was like - this is the first time I've had more than two choices on the menu!
My boo!  

Saturday, 12 May 2012

DIY pearl shoes!

So as I said in my previous post due to my procrastinating ass, I've been DIY-ing a lot! So Thursday night at 11pm I suddenly it an epiphany and decided to pearl my shoes with the remaining pearls I'd bought to decorate my phone case with ageesss ago!

What you need:
Shoes (preferably ones you don't care if you ruin)
Glue gun
So it's as simple as one two three! You simply just put a bit of the melted glue onto the back/flat side of the pearl and stick it on the shoe:) I ran out of pearls though:( but hey ho! I turned my primark nude pumps into something a bit fun-er!:)
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Friday, 11 May 2012

DIY shorts!

So study leaves been rather boring, the only thing that I have done is study, study and study some more! Studying has become my life -_- ironic how dyings at the end of that:L
Anyways as a procrastinator last night I decided to cut, bleach, sandpaper and stud my shorts:)

What you'll need:

Jeans (or shorts - whatever you prefer)

I'd cut, bleached and sandpapered my shorts before hand, but if you want to cut jeans into shorts - put your jeans on and march in them for a little while to let them ride up to where they'd normally be - then using chalk or a pen mark the area you want to cut your shorts. Don't cut them too short! Better safe than sorry! Be aware that where you cut them after they'll be half an inch or so shorter on!

Then try your shorts on again and make an adjustments! When you have the perfect length - cut holes in them if you want! Like I did - and after cutting it you want to grab your sanding paper and go back an forth with it - baring in mind that the tumbledryer will give it that 'fluffy' look! 

After that put some bleach in a spray bottle or even a pot and dump your shorts in them. Let them do their thing and bleach them - YOU WANT TO DO THIS OUTSIDE because it stinks! (im saying this out of experience) Rinse and let them dry before making any changes to it after they have gotten to the right colour. I like to rinse mine after because I personally can't stand the smell of bleach:L

After grab your fabric glue or a glue gun will work just as well and decide how and where you want your studs - then you want to put the glue on the back of the studs and glue them down. Obviously you could always go for the studs with the backs in them that you stab into the jeans instead and fold down! 

After this you should have a nice pair of shorts:) I also made a pair of striped shorts - I used my Calvin Klein shorts - my mum went insane, but obviously try it out (if it's your first time and you're scared they're gonna get ruined, to use a pair of old shorts that you don't give a damn about!) comment below if you want a tutorial for this - with proper pictures and what not!:)

And heres a quick preview of another DIY I did during procrasination last night:)
Post should be on here tomorrow morning!


Thursday, 10 May 2012

Im Aliveee

Im aliveee! hahaa, i haven't posted in a good 4 monthss. Thats absolutely crazy! So now im on study leave i've got a lottt pictured:) So i can post everyday, while im procrasinating;) Anyways moving on, I'm gonna show you my birthday outfit (which was back in January) but thats not the point;)

Jacket and Top - Topshop
Skirt - H&M
Tights, Shoes earrings and rose headband- Primarni
Cross Ring - Ebay
Watch - Urban Outfitters