Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Nandos Lover

I went to the T4 stars concert on Sunday in Earls Court, it was absolutely amazing! Jessie J - omgosh I'm in love with her, she sounds exactly like she does in her recorded music - and better! Labyrinth, Example, Dappy, Pro green, Ed Sherran etc. But I didnt get any picture because it was so packed and excruciatingly hot in the standing area! Oh and there were these (hella ) drunk girls there and they were going up to random people and taking pictures with them, so I decided to take one with them after they asked too:L
(that sounds so big headed, didn't mean for it to sound like that).

Mi familia and myself went to bluewater in Essex today after school to eat Nandos! Who else reckons bluewaters coping Westfield stratford? It looks better now though;) anyways I had about 10 minutes to rustle an outfit up after procrastinating (while watching sorority girls!) for an hour. So I decided to pull this outfit on, I didn't look in the mirror before dashing off, so this is how it looks like after I got home and shoved my (greasy) hair up into a bun (I quite like it, why does my hair always look better than when I go out?!) oh and we went Christmas shopping separately and i got my mumma's present:) but I've wrapped them up already(!) so I didn't get a shot of them.
Anyways enjoy! I always seem to ramble on when I'm posting off of my phone.

White shirt - H&M
Lil Wayne t-shirt (haha I'm in love woh it!) - Covent Garden, Jubilee Market
Tube top - Primark
Tights - New look(?)
Shoes - New look
P.S I still need to post my outfit for Kacey's party which was like a bajillion years ago(!) That shall hopefully be the next post. And lol at the picture with the crazy grin, i was watching my big fat gypsy wedding and they'd just said something funny!

Jess xo.

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  1. i loooove nandos! :D

    cute outfit and tights! i wanna look for patterned tights like those, but its summer right maybe i'll look for them later haha!