Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Basil Street

So if you don't know already glamour is giving away 1 free nail varnish in every magazine this month (December 2011 issue). There are 4 colours to collect I believe:) But my sister picked up the magazine with the nude nail varnish called 'Basil Street'. It's a really pretty colour, a true nude with no pinky/purpley undertones. I'm actually really tempted to buy some back ups of this colour:) So here are the photos I took with my shitty iPhone camera! I'm surprised it picked up the letters and colour so well actually(!)
Anyways enjoy! 

 Jess xo.

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  1. i have this color on right now! i love it. you have a lovely blog.

    check out my blog? i always follow back<3