Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Boxing Day Sales Haul

On boxing day at 8:30 in the morning after a lovely christmas at my cousins house, I got up to go to Bluewater in Essex (I think) to go boxing day shopping! It was so much fun, although i was absolutely knackered! We got there around 9ish, and the amount of people lining outside of river island and other stores was crazy! Anyways it was very fun as always, I didnt get too much though...but I did want to get this post up to inform you guys that boots are having a 1/2 price sale on some of their items, so go check it out!!
Okay anyways let me get on with it:)
 These shorts are from H&M, they werent on sale but I thought they were so cute! I took this in the changing room btw with a pair of shorts that were wayyy too big for me, but hey ho, you get the jist. These were £12.99
 I got this jacket from river island I just thought it was too cute not to get, and the extra fur lining makes it warmer seeing as i live in england;) I got this in a size up (UK10) because it was the smallest size they had, but it still fits alright! This was on sale from £35 to £15 which I thought was very cheap for river island. The que was absoutely humungous though! Me, kelly (my sister) and (my friend) Kacey waited in line for an hour, luckily there were 3 of us, so we took 'shifts' on who was in the que and who was have a nose around the store for more clothes or accesories we'd missed.
I also got this from river island, it was on half price, so from £8 to £4. Just your everyday, white tank top, nothing special, but I liked the pocket and quality:)

 I dont know why these pictures keep changing sizes and angles for me? In the original one on my memory stick its the right side up? I dunno I cant figure it out, sorry guys! But the products you get are...
Mark Hill Style Secrets Fabulous Finish Hairspray
Mark Hill Style Secrets Diamond Shine Spray
Mark Styles Sexy Straight Shampoo and Conditioner.
I think you can only buy the conditioner, hairspray and shine spray in the full versions though. But this was on sale half price from £10 to £5!!
Perfect treat for yourself or  hair junkie!

 Again I apologise for the odd angle:/ I guess I need to start using my camera again, I just found it again btw, but i already have 4 blog post pictures done on my phone. Sorry bare with me guys, my blog post after that will be 12.2MP instead of my shit iphone 3MP camera...
Anyways I got this Umberto Gianni set from boots, I never really heard of them before until i got my curler from them and loved it! It turns on so quickly and cools down so quickly, but the only thing I dont like is the temperature, you cant set it to different settings, so if you were to do this regularly your hair will be frieddd!
So this set includes:
Umberto Gianni Incredible body Volume shampoo and conditioner.
Umberto Gianni Incredible body Volume Blow Dry Spray for Big hair.
Umberto Gianni Velcro rollers x4
This was on sale from £9 to £4.50! Amazing huh? Stock up for stocking stuffers (next year), gifts, birthday, next christmas etc.
Anyways I tried this product yesterday and let me tell you it gives you so much volume, I left the velcro rollers in after I dryed my hair and left it in for about 10 minutes and my hair was all, oohh touch my volminous hair;) Haha jokes, but it was pretty damn cool:)
If you want to get your hands on these, then be sure to check out your local boots, if they dont have it, i think bluewater still have tons of them!:)

Hope you had a great holiday!
What other great deals did you guys get boxing day shopping?
Jess xo.

Nandos Lover

I went to the T4 stars concert on Sunday in Earls Court, it was absolutely amazing! Jessie J - omgosh I'm in love with her, she sounds exactly like she does in her recorded music - and better! Labyrinth, Example, Dappy, Pro green, Ed Sherran etc. But I didnt get any picture because it was so packed and excruciatingly hot in the standing area! Oh and there were these (hella ) drunk girls there and they were going up to random people and taking pictures with them, so I decided to take one with them after they asked too:L
(that sounds so big headed, didn't mean for it to sound like that).

Mi familia and myself went to bluewater in Essex today after school to eat Nandos! Who else reckons bluewaters coping Westfield stratford? It looks better now though;) anyways I had about 10 minutes to rustle an outfit up after procrastinating (while watching sorority girls!) for an hour. So I decided to pull this outfit on, I didn't look in the mirror before dashing off, so this is how it looks like after I got home and shoved my (greasy) hair up into a bun (I quite like it, why does my hair always look better than when I go out?!) oh and we went Christmas shopping separately and i got my mumma's present:) but I've wrapped them up already(!) so I didn't get a shot of them.
Anyways enjoy! I always seem to ramble on when I'm posting off of my phone.

White shirt - H&M
Lil Wayne t-shirt (haha I'm in love woh it!) - Covent Garden, Jubilee Market
Tube top - Primark
Tights - New look(?)
Shoes - New look
P.S I still need to post my outfit for Kacey's party which was like a bajillion years ago(!) That shall hopefully be the next post. And lol at the picture with the crazy grin, i was watching my big fat gypsy wedding and they'd just said something funny!

Jess xo.

Dress up

My friend Kacey had a party to go to on Friday but didn't have anything to wear, so she asked me to pick an outfit for her to wear, so I agreed and decided to play dress up! I haven't done so in suchhh a long time, so enjoy:)

Necklace - primark
Braclet - primark 
 Outfit 1
Top, skirt and boob tube - H&M
Belt - primark
 Outfit 2
Top - New look
Skirt - H&M
Belt - primark 

Outfit 3
Top -internacionale
Black boob tube - H&M
Skirt - Therapy (House of Fraser)
Owl necklace - primark
Watch - Argos
Cardigan (optional, if you're countries currently as cold as mine at the moment!) - Ralph Lauren
Jess xo.

Basil Street

So if you don't know already glamour is giving away 1 free nail varnish in every magazine this month (December 2011 issue). There are 4 colours to collect I believe:) But my sister picked up the magazine with the nude nail varnish called 'Basil Street'. It's a really pretty colour, a true nude with no pinky/purpley undertones. I'm actually really tempted to buy some back ups of this colour:) So here are the photos I took with my shitty iPhone camera! I'm surprised it picked up the letters and colour so well actually(!)
Anyways enjoy! 

 Jess xo.

Lil Wayne

I had an exam on Wednesday, the day that all the children in England were allowed off school legally I get stuck at school at 8am for a mock exam:( this was the day I saw breaking dawn btw;) haha, anyways I arrived at school in my uniform and bought extra clothes to change into before I went on my trip to the pictures. How did you guys spend your day off? (if you had one on during the school strike obviously!)
Anyways enjoy!:)

Denim top - charity shop
Lil Wayne vest - Jubilee market in Covent Garden
Skirt - Shop called FAB
Bag - Longchamp (mums)
Shoes  -new look

Jess xo.

Sailor Wannabe

I've been MIA due to the fact that I lost all me future picture posts because I lost my SD card:( and revision for mocks! Which is preventing me from sleeping like a normal human being, I seem to think I'm a superwoman who can survive with 4 hours sleep a night! Which I am not (funnily enough), so its currently 12:47am and I am so knackered, but I decided to update you guys first with a quick outfit of the day from 3 weeks ago? Maybe more..
Oh and i need to wake up in 3 hours to revise seeing as i've procrastinated all night - and didn't anything! So inorder to make up for it and revise for my mock 5 hours before it begins! Oh and I saw breaking dawn today! It was Sooo good honestly it's not even as though I'm a huge twilight fan, but this one was honestly so good! And who else just wants to marry Seth, he's such a sweetie:') Hahaha.
Anyways after my huge ramble about absolutely nothing - enjoy!:)

 Top - new look
Skirt - H&M
Belt - Primark
Cardigan - Forever 21 

Jess xo.

Obsessed Owl

I only had 20 minutes to get ready this morning so this was my go to outfit!  
I didnt have enough time to take a picture before I left so I took these when i got back (looking sweaty and my makeup was running everywhere!), hence why my face isn't in any of these pictures.
And why I have 2 pieces of owl jewelry on (I should've woken up earlier), nonetheless I love owl jewelry, it adorable! Enjoy!

Denim top - (thrifted) Gap boys
Leopard print top - H&M
Jeans - Uniqlo
Ring - Primark
Necklace - (Sisters) Dorothy perkins?
Earrings - Matalan (Primark do them in gold for cheaper!)
Shoes - New look 

Jess xo.