Sunday, 7 April 2013

Lancome Loving

Hey guys, so my aunt recently just gave my some lancome skin care supplys as she doesn't use any products on her face so this is what the package contained and some first impressions!

This moisturing cream claims to sooth your skin and calms down you're skin allowing it to destress itself, it's also suitable for all skin types! I dont know whether or not it has been destressing my but I've been applying it to my cheeks and they are definitely becoming a lot smoother, and the smell is to die for! The smell reminds me a bit of flowers with a little bit of peach.
This product claims to fuse in with your skin so that imperfections are reduced day after day to reveal softer and smoother feeling skin. Used all over the skin both day and/or night.

This toner claims to rehydrate skin and soften it. I think in conjunction with the product below my skin has become smoother especially my cheeks because this never-ending winter faze is completely drying this area out, and again the  smell is to die for.

This fluid claims to be a gentle softening cleansing fluid suitable for all skin types, and it feels hydrating once applied to the skin but not too oily. It feels great after removing your makeup and washing your face. This product again smells fantasticall!
Last but not least is a little sample of genifique wich is a youth activating concentrate used to apply all over the face day and night.

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