Sunday, 7 April 2013

Hey guys!
So I recently went into maidstone with my sisters and I popped into H&M and I've got to say their spring collection this year is looking amaaazballs. Here are a few pieces I took pictures of before I got rushed out the store by my sisters. I rarely ever find H&M amazing and nothing ever really catches my eye anymore, but this one time I go in and I'm completely broke (due to fundraising to go to nepal to help renovate a new orphans home) I find everything that I want. I guess it's just not meant to be..anyway I decided to share a couple of these pieces with you because I just couldnt leave them alone, they needed to be shown!

Slightly Cropped lace black top with the  flowy '60s' sleeve (£12.99 I think!)

A lace vest top with super light fringing on the bottom and it's only £9.99 bargain!

These canvas faux suede shoes were only £12.99 and super lightweight!

Then if I'm going maidstone I might aswell treat myself to the doughnut stand outside H&M. SO GOOD!
Best doughnuts I've ever had to be honest, they're super soft inside yet slightly crunchy on the outside,
5 for £2.50, yeah I ate 2 and a bit of the doughnuts before I remembered to take a photo...

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