Friday, 18 May 2012

Primark Haul

Hey guyss!
So yesterday after my RS exam - which i completely and utterly screwed up in...I literally sat there and kept saying 'Jesus told us to 'love thy neighbour.' Yeahh, that was my exam answers..Hey ho! I went down town to treat myself after not buying clothes for the last month or so, and i went in primark after not being there for agesss! And my face was just like ohhh, i need..everything! haha, but I didn't buy too much, I only bought 5 items so it wasn't too bad:)

 Anyways, first off - Shoes!

I've been eyeing these mint pumps up for a while and for some reason I never picked them up when i saw them! I Just kept thinking, nah I dont need these shoes! But then after not going shopping for a month - I was beginning to have withdrawal symptons! I decided might aswell pick them up now, I'm not going to be shopping for a while due to exams! But yeah these were £4 - Cheap as chips:)

 I was looking through the sandal rails and I found these from £6 reduced to only £3! So i had to pick them up, because I was really in the need for some new sandals, for the coming summer.

 Then I went into the sale rack and saw this dress on sale for £3, I was having doubts because it was a size smaller than what I am, so I decided to try it on and it fit! Except it is reallly long, it reaches just over my knees, and being 5'1 theres not much height of me! So I've got to do some stitching.

 Also in the sale rack this top caught my eye and I just thought its extremely pretty! I need it - so i picked it up and it was only £3 I was like this was meant to be! Hahaha, anyways when I got home, it fit me pretty well, but the only thing is - it's a little small around my  bust im going down town later to exchange the size for a size up!

 Last but not least my mint blazer that I've seen around youtube a lot! And I just thought - yup I need this in my wardrobe. For a blazer it was decently priced at only £15.
Primark never fails to give me pleasure:)
Anyways that's all for now, I've been playing dress-up today so I'll most likely be posting ootd pictures up within the next couple of days
Have a great day! xo

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