Friday, 11 May 2012

DIY shorts!

So study leaves been rather boring, the only thing that I have done is study, study and study some more! Studying has become my life -_- ironic how dyings at the end of that:L
Anyways as a procrastinator last night I decided to cut, bleach, sandpaper and stud my shorts:)

What you'll need:

Jeans (or shorts - whatever you prefer)

I'd cut, bleached and sandpapered my shorts before hand, but if you want to cut jeans into shorts - put your jeans on and march in them for a little while to let them ride up to where they'd normally be - then using chalk or a pen mark the area you want to cut your shorts. Don't cut them too short! Better safe than sorry! Be aware that where you cut them after they'll be half an inch or so shorter on!

Then try your shorts on again and make an adjustments! When you have the perfect length - cut holes in them if you want! Like I did - and after cutting it you want to grab your sanding paper and go back an forth with it - baring in mind that the tumbledryer will give it that 'fluffy' look! 

After that put some bleach in a spray bottle or even a pot and dump your shorts in them. Let them do their thing and bleach them - YOU WANT TO DO THIS OUTSIDE because it stinks! (im saying this out of experience) Rinse and let them dry before making any changes to it after they have gotten to the right colour. I like to rinse mine after because I personally can't stand the smell of bleach:L

After grab your fabric glue or a glue gun will work just as well and decide how and where you want your studs - then you want to put the glue on the back of the studs and glue them down. Obviously you could always go for the studs with the backs in them that you stab into the jeans instead and fold down! 

After this you should have a nice pair of shorts:) I also made a pair of striped shorts - I used my Calvin Klein shorts - my mum went insane, but obviously try it out (if it's your first time and you're scared they're gonna get ruined, to use a pair of old shorts that you don't give a damn about!) comment below if you want a tutorial for this - with proper pictures and what not!:)

And heres a quick preview of another DIY I did during procrasination last night:)
Post should be on here tomorrow morning!


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