Monday, 9 January 2012


Still trying to sort out my severly messed up sleeping pattern and keeping up to date with coursework, homework etc. is a full time job! Especially when everyone has loads of parties in January, so due to my procrasinating ass, I'm sitting on my bed writting a blog post instead of drafting my 1,000 word Drama coursework due on wednesday, and so far I've only got a page down on my sisters ipad, sigh.
Anyways I went to eat brunch with the familia, in Greenwhich at a reaturant called Penisula. Overall it was nice as usual, but it was rather hectic due to it being bank holiday and hardly any places being open.
 Coat - New look
Scarf - Red Herring
 Chiffon Shirt - New look (Tall section, although Im petite..)
Shorts - H&M
Tights - Primark
Vest - River Island
(Cute story, it was freezing and the top was so sheer and I didnt have a white plan spaghetti strap vest so I wore this...)
Earrings - Primark 
And my vampire tooth sticking out on the right hand side! hahah...

Jess xo.


  1. love this outfit. you look cute and cozy at the same time!

  2. Oh, you're so cute ;)) I like your earrings - they're adorable :)
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    Joanna from

  3. @allie - Thank you!:)

    @Joanna - Sure I'll definitely check it out! Thank you:)