Saturday, 11 August 2012

DIY ombré shorts!

Things you'll need :
Old Jeans or Shorts (Preferably white - Colour payoff's a lot better)
Tie Dye Kit - I got mine on Ebay for around £5
Sharp Scissors

First off lay out your trousers like this, preparing them for cutting!
Try your jeans on and decide what length you want your shorts and how you want them to be!
Or you could use a pair of shorts you already own and line them up with the jeans and make the line!
This line can be a little longer than your desired length just so that you have the initial cut done.
I drew my line longer at the crotch and shorter in the back, the 'daisy duke' style shorts!
Cut off that leg and then try them on again to draw on the next line, to adjust the length if you want to make them short, just remember that if they're too short, there's no going back! So take your time with this process.

After you have your perfect length sorted on one side, fold your jeans in half and cut it likewise so you're shorts are cut the same length and style you want them to be.
Next its the fun part! Time to use the tie dye, be sure to read your tie dye instructions beforehand!

I decided to use the colour blue, and my tie-dye kit uses little dye tablets to make the colour.
The amount of tablets used obviously affects the pigmentation of the dye, and beware that the colour it shows up on your shorts when you're dying them will be a lot lighter than the colour shown then.
The mix.

When I finished dying! As you can tell I fucked up:L I put pink varnish on it and scrubbed. Then I left it for a couple of days and threw it into the washing machine. Just a heads up if you go wrong too! Remember to definitely let it dry for at least 12 hours before wearing them. I'd recomened to leave them for at least 24 hours before washing!
As you can tell its faded significantly
Thank you for reading! I hope you found this helpful if you do try this out be sure to send me a picture on twitter - Jeskax3 or instagram - Jeskaaax3
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